CUGR originated in 1981 as the IBMPC PC Users Group of Redding. From its beginnings, membership was comprised of both highly skilled and new users of personal computers. Novices were welcomed by more experienced users and the notion of “Users Helping Users” came into being. 

By 1989, membership had grown and meetings were drawing presenters from high profile companies such as Microsoft, Adobe, and Tech Smith. In addition, Special Interest Groups (SIGs) were established, including the Desktop Publishing, Windows Support and Multi-Media SIGs.   

In order to better reflect the membership and scope of the group’s activities, the name was changed to Computer User’s Group of Redding. We are registered with the IRS as a non-profit organization

Along with growth came classrooms, better meeting facilities, and our monthly newsletter. The scope of our interest has expanded beyond personal computers to the many digital devices that now accompany computer use, such as PDAs, music devices,  digital cameras, and, of course, the internet. Today, CUGR is one of the few remaining PC User Groups with a large and growing membership.

However, the strength behind CUGR’s growth has always been the volunteer nature of the organization. For over 25 years, an all-volunteer group has provided leadership, computer education, information, problem solving and fellowship.

Collaboration, Cooperation and Consensus are the “3 C’s” behind CUGR direction and operation. The CUGR Board meets monthly to plan activities. Board members are elected by the general membership. Expenditures and policy decisions are decided by the Board. 

CUGR monthly General Meetings are open to the public, without charge. Each General Meeting, vendors, authors and computer experts are happy to be regular presenters, helping us to help you master your computer and its equipment more easily and effectively.

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